A study within a first refferal animal Practice found high levels of pathogens (bacteria) on and inbetween the nooks and crannies of keyboards used onsite. The keyboards in question were of standard type with no medical grade features nor any design to help the user clean quickly. After the installation of a fit for purpose easy clean 100% flat keyboard, pathogen swab testing showed a 70-80% reduction in pathogen load when compared with cleaning the standard keyboards. It has been well documented within the NHS that experts believe that keyboards that are near or within clinical environments could be attributing to up 10% of all human hospital acquired infections. In fact one NHS study found MRSA present within 23% of their keyboards. Yes hand hygiene is the most important step in reduction of cross infection, however having washed your hands to then only go on to use a keyboard that could be infected and not to have been cleaned well enough due to its design, leaves for the possibility of cross contamination to other high touch surfaces or directly to patients.


"The Purekeys Keyboard and Mouse are simple to disinfect and cleaning is easily incorporated into our daily cleaning protocols. The flat surface of the keyboard does not affect typing speed and both keyboard and mouse are of excellent quality."  Rhiannon Hutton, Infection Control Lead, Davies Veterinary Specialists, Hertfordshire.

"I had long been frustrated by dirty keyboards, difficult to clean and easily damaged by coffee spills etc. The Purekeys keyboard and mouse are fantastic, they get round this problem being waterproof with no grooves or areas to catch dust and dirt at all. You can switch off the keys (so you don't type gobbledegook) and wipe them down as often as you want. they look professional and clean. There was some resistance from the staff initially as they don't look or feel like a traditional keyboard but now everyone loves them. One of the best purchases I have made"

Micheal Clarke, Owner and Veterinary Surgeon, Withy Grove Veterinary Clinic. Preston.

“I'm going to LVS again this year and I've been very happy with the keyboards, they aren't quite as smooth to type on but I'm very happy with their quality and feel much happier in the knowledge that they can be cleaned so well and so effortlessly”. 

Toby Travis BVSc MRCVS- Principal Veterinary Surgeon

Casvet - Cheltenham Animal Shelter Vets

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How do you know surfaces are actually clean?

Animal Patient health and owner satisfaction can depend on the cleanliness of the Veterinary environment. Hygiena's cleaning verification system does more than just verify surface and equipment cleanliness: The system can evaluate the effectiveness of cleaning materials and chemicals, measure the performance of environmental services staff, and ensure compliance with standardised cleaning protocols. Hygiena's system verifies within 15 seconds that the optimal levels of cleanliness are met. Utilising advanced technologies and patented designs, Hygiena manufactures and delivers the most accurate, lowest-cost, and no-maintenance ATP monitoring system to the global healthcare marketplace.

What is ATP testing?

Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP, is the energy molecule found in all organic material, including bacteria, human and animal tissues, making it a perfect indicator when trying to determine if a healthcare

environmental surface is clean or not. Hospitals already widley use ATP cleaning verification systems to rapidly verify that patient rooms and medical equipment have been cleaned thoroughly so rooms may be occupied or equipment can be reused without introducing risk from environmentally transmissible infections.

The Hygiena system makes for a great audit tool for Vets looking to improve and monitor cleaning for the goal of reduced chances of cross contamination and possible infection. The easy to use system can be set-up to indicate a round of swab tests at pre-defined locations and surfaces. Instead of visual inspection by staff, the Hygiena system can report within 15 seconds the actual level of cleanliness before and after cleaning. Logging and making use of Hygiena's software option logs the ATP levels, which can then be printed and presented to RCVS Practice Standards members. Many NHS hospitals and other industries worldwide already trust and use the system to validate their cleaning work flow process. CliniTech is offering an introductory offer to each vet practice with a starter kit for all you need to improving best practice. Buy today or call the team for more information.

Veterinary Starter kit. 

SystemSure Plus device.

Carry case. (as pictured)

100 UltraSnap swabs.

Veterinary swabbing guide.

Video Introduction

NHS Case Study

Quick Start Guide

A low cost audit tool to improve cleanliness

Want to know more about the advantages of Veterinary ATP Surface testing?

Purehold Hygiene Handle - automatically dispenses sanitising gel into the hands of busy Vets and Nurses.

High frequency touch points including door handles within busy Veterinary environments are a potential transit of bacteria and are rarely cleaned often enough in most cases. Combine the need for cleaner door entry panels and hands with the need to use hand gels for good hand hygiene practices, the Purehold system for busy Veterinary practises and 

specialist referral facilities is ideal for helping to reduce the chances of cross contamination, increasing hand hygiene compliance and will enable a healthier environment for animal patients and staff. Independent tests prove the Hygiene Handle to be 98.5% cleaner than a standard door handle and within human healthcare it has been surveyed that 80% of infections are caused by hand cross contamination. With the need to reduce any post operable infection rates and to ultimately avoid Veterinary MRSA and MRSP infections the PureHold systems will raise the bar for infection prevention for any size Veterinary practice

Standalone wall mounted gel systems for staff and waiting customers, plus push door systems are also available to complete a site package.

Free onsite installation*

New build or retrofit

The NanoTouch self-cleaning push door surfaces

How it works

It's easy! Simply:
     (1) peel 'n' stick the NanoTouch onto any surface 
     (2) the NanoTouch immediately begins killing bacteria and viruses 
     (3) use the surface as normal 

Durable, disposable and easy to install, NanoTouch is available in standard sizes that include door push pads, door handle wraps, and push bars.

Why it works

The NanoTouch surface utilizes several complex components which together form an oxidising action more powerful than bleach. The specialized fabrication process maximizes the surface's self-cleaning action and the science involved provides a non-leaching, self-cleaning surface. Nothing is released from the toxins, heavy metals or poisons. Also, the surface is super hydrophilic so that water, oils, dirt and other contaminants are actively shed; with tests showing that full strength bleach simply wipes right off!

CliniTech Medical articles

Pets and their owners will be grateful for access to RenaSan First Aid Sprays

CliniTech Medical recently learnt about RenaSan, a new First Aid Spray powered by a natural active ingredient called; 'Hypochlorous'.  Having seen fantastic user feed-back, it’s safety record and EU approvals, it didn’t take long for the CliniTech team to establish that this quite remarkable solution should be available to the wider Veterinary market and its client base.

Having RenaSan available front of house with a generous margin available, it has the ability to promote highly effective wound care, disinfection of post-surgical sites and general disinfection of skin and go on to increase the health and wellbeing of animal patients. RenaSan has already become a sales success to the wider market via the likes of Pets Corner Stores and now available for sales within Vet practices.

So what is Hypochlorous? Hypochlorous is produced naturally in animal and human immune systems. It is the substance that the cells in our bodies use to fight infections and kill invading germs. Hypochlorous is not only one of the most effective known biocides capable of killing 99.9999% of all pathogens, it is one of the safest and poses no risk to animals or humans, indeed it can be used to kill bacteria in drinking water. It is also readily biodegradable and completely environmentally friendly.

Christopher Docking, MD of CiniTech said: “RenaSan and its advanced use of stable and EU approved Hypochlorous, could really make a difference to post operable infection and when used correctly should be a vital tool to help reduce treatment time and the use of antibiotics, therefore reducing financial burden. The Vet retail pack and poster on offer will be a great way to encourage infection prevention.

"It’s safe if licked, which is not common and can safely be used in eyes and ears. It is currently the only EU Biocidal approved Hypochlorous product on sale today. Furthermore non-irritating, pH neutral and non-sting. Contains no steroids, alcohol or preservatives. RenaSan has been tested to 12 BSEN standards including BSEN – 1276 Bactericidal, BSEN – Virucidal, BSEN Sporicidal, BSEN Fungicidal.”

Reduce Infection Rates to Battle Future Effects of Antimicrobial Resistance

CliniTech Medical launched five innovative infection prevention technologies at this year’s London Vet Show.

All are aimed at advancing Veterinary best practice cleaning and disinfection, at a time when AMR (Antimicrobial Resistance) is on the increase. Each technology is designed to ultimately help prevent cross contamination, improve quality of care and reduce post operable infection.

“AMR is a growing concern for the industry and there’s the need for more education and also the understanding of pet owners. However, we believe that more can be done to prevent infection in the first instance, so less is spent on drugs, treatment time, slowing of future AMR effects, and certainly improving levels of treatment and care.” Christopher Docking, Founder and Director.

Christopher goes on to explain the need for fit for purpose infection prevention computer keyboards: -

“A short study of standard Keyboards within a small animal practice found that they were not cleanable in a short period of time and not fit for purpose due to all the gaps between the keys. Several standard keyboards were cleaned and then swabbed immediately after with a Hygiena ATP swab instrument. The results showed that bacteria levels on the standard keyboards were only reduced by an average of 5%.

“However, after installing a 100% flat keyboard technology then using the same cleaning and swabbing technique, the results showed an average bacteria reduction of 75%. Experts for infection prevention within the NHS have published information that indicates a direct link between infections like MRSA and keyboard cross contamination.

“Within Veterinary the need for a clean environment and fit for purpose high touch point hardware is paramount. Ultimately using best practice technologies, with the correct cleaning and disinfection could see post operable infection rates fall.”

CliniTech also presented their next generation 100% flat keyboard and mouse (Purekeys) at this year’s London Vet Show. Along with the above mentioned Hygiena ATP swab technology, which can help ensure the money and time spent on cleaning and disinfection is working at its optimum. Hygiena’s handheld instrument can measure adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the universal unit of energy in all living cells.

The technology can give a fast 15 second reading to the level of ATP on surfaces and using established healthcare bench marks, a user can conclude whether a surface has met a minimum standard. Giving the opportunity for re-cleaning or new training should a surface fail.

Its ability to electronically document cleanliness improvements over time means that records can be made available to support new infection control recommendations from the Practice Standards Scheme.

Your Biosecurity enhanced by ensuring hand hygiene compliance with Purehold door systems.

Purehold Hygiene Door Handles automatically dispense sanitising gel into the hands of busy Vets and Nurses. High frequency touch points including door handles within busy Veterinary environments are a potential transit of bacteria and are rarely cleaned often enough in most cases.

Independent tests prove the Purehold Hygiene Handle to be 98.5% cleaner than a standard door handle, plus the sites hand hygiene compliance can reach 80-90% when installed at the right locations. Within human healthcare the WHO - World Health Organisation reports that healthcare sites typically over report their hand hygiene compliance, siting that some hospitals under independent survey, rarely reach past 40% compliance.

With the need to reduce any post operable infection rates and to ultimately avoid Veterinary MRSP and other infections the Purehold systems will raise the bar for biosecurity within any size Veterinary practice. The technology was the brain child of an NHS Infection Control Manager, who was frustrated by his sites hand hygiene compliance figures, so went about designing a system that ensured compliance at key entry points. Made in Britain, the Purehold systems are now available to Vet Practices and are already installed across the UK within the NHS, Food Industry, Hotels and many other public venues.

Davies Veterinary Specialists in Hertfordshire was the first Veterinary site in the UK to install the Purehold system and after several months use the infection control nurse comment:

“As a busy small animal multidisciplinary referral hospital, we know how important it is to ensure that good hand hygiene remains a priority. The Purehold handle helps ensure that even when staff may be in a hurry or preoccupied by challenging cases, the clinical team do not miss an opportunity for hand sanitisation”

Rhiannon Hutton RVN DipAVN, Infection Control Nurse. Davies Veterinary Specialists.

Purehold’s exclusive partner CliniTech Medical reports; the Purehold annual cost represents great value compared to its positive impact on hand hygiene compliance. In our opinion, there is no other intervention on the market at this low level of investment, that can have such a percentage rise in hand hygiene compliance that can also be maintained.

Contact the CliniTech Medical Team to arrange a FREE two-week trial.

Install the Correct Computer Keyboard to Assist Infection Prevention and Potentially Save Money

In a series of upcoming articles CliniTech Medical shares its knowledge in the field of IT equipment and infection prevention.

Starting with the computer keyboard and mouse, a vital interface to enable the fast and efficient use of Veterinary computer systems and equipment.

Whether at the Reception Desk, Consultation Room or near to patient treatment, these multi-user, high touch points, need to be cleanable. Many studies have shown that keyboards can harbor bacteria, leading to a potential source of cross contamination and in the worst case unnecessary infection. Extended stay, treatment time and drug cost can burden a site financially. The challenges of cleaning a conventional keyboard or so called medical keyboard is typically understood and many people say that they only have to turn a keyboard upside down and shake out the debris, hair, dirt and dust all of which bacteria love to thrive on. However, the keyboard, mouse, mouse mat, screen and PC in many types of clinical settings, including Veterinary are typically not fit for purpose.

The topic of cleanable keyboards won’t be new for many, however, CliniTech Medical is striving to share its wealth of practical knowledge on this subject.

So what can actually make a difference, when choosing a keyboard?

The Market is flooded with many choices, each offering a different take on clean ability, their cost and ease of use. CliniTech Medical would like the whole community to learn that the first UK Government funded study to establish the interaction of raised key keyboards and cross contamination risks started way back in 2003. A Top UK NHS hospital concluded after several months of intensive study, that only a 100% flat keyboard surface, that was cleaned twice daily without fail, would be able to offer any significant reduction in the bacterial load.

Many types of keyboard were tested as part of the study, rubber keys, antimicrobial, covers, flat industrial, washable, and dishwasher safe. However the results all pointed to the huge advantage of a 100% flat keyboard surface that could be cleaned within 5-8 seconds, where the average contamination could be reduced by 70%. Keyboards with nooks and crannies where the bacteria could survive and remain, would typically only offer a 5% reduction using the same cleaning action and chemicals. A usability study at the same time found that keyboards that offered a washable feature, would in fact rarely be washed as instructed due to the amount of time taken to disconnect, wash, scrub, dry and put back in place.

Following publication of their findings in 2005, only a 100% flat keyboard that is also easy to type on is considered a true infection prevention measure. If more of the right fit for purpose keyboards and mice are used and cleaned correctly then less contamination risk within human and animal healthcare will exist. CliniTech Medical introduced PureKeys at last year’s London Vet Show, the latest generation design to meet the needs of a tactile key 100% flat infection prevention keyboard and mouse. A product already used within the NHS, Dental, Pharmaceutical and now within Veterinary.

December saw the site wide installation of PureKeys at the leading Newnham Court Veterinary Hospital in Maidstone, Kent.

Our customers report that it can take a few days to get used to the feel of the keys and an average touch typist will only lose a few percent of their speed, a price worth paying for a cleaner environment and staff themselves are less likely to get ill at work. CliniTech Medical is so confident in the product they will let any Veterinary Practice or facility try a unit for 10 days.

Send the team a request for more information or call 01438 23 00 37