RenaSan First Aid Spray is made from Hypochlorous which is produced in all humans and animals and is the body's own biocide. When your white blood cell catches an invading bacteria or virus it releases hypochlorous to kill it. We are the world leaders in producing synthesised hypochlorous. RenaSan First Aid spray kills 99.9999% of all bacteria, viruses and fungi on contact but is harmless to humans, animals and the environment. It is completely safe to use around eyes and mouth. Available in 250ml, 500ml and a convenient 100ml spray bottles. It can be used on all of your mammals and birds including, equines, dogs, cats, birds, rabbits etc. The handy sized bottles are perfect for carry bags, grooming kits, to keep in the car or horse box and to accompany you and your pets on the move.

  • Vets offer RenaSan front of house to promote good infection prevention to clients.
  • Use in house for pre and post operable care.

500ml Trigger Spray
RRP £14.99

250ml Trigger Spray

RRP £10.99

100ml Handy Pump Spray

RRP £7.99

Product description

  • New to the market RenaSan is the only stabilised hypochlorous spray on sale in Europe to be approved for veterinary (and human) use under the stringent new EU Biocidal Products regulations.
  • RenaSan is a genuinely revolutionary First Aid and Skincare product and is clinically proven to kill 99.9999% of germs on contact. Independently laboratory tested to 12 EN standards including EN 1276 (Bacterial) EN 14204 (Virucidal) EN 13697 (Fungicidal) EN 13704 (Sporicidal).
  • Use on cuts and minor wounds. Also use on hotspots, rashes and post-surgical sites as well as itchy and allergy affected skin. Safe to use in eyes and ears. Can also be used on dressings.
  • Contains no alcohol,  Hypochlorite (bleach), steroids harmful chemicals, antibiotics or preservatives.
  • pH neutral, sting free and harmless to tissue. Safe if licked. Tests free for competitive animals that are subject to blood testing

Directions of use

Cuts and wounds: Spray liberally onto affected area. Allow to dry naturally.
Skin irritations and sores, insect bites: as above.
Eye and ear care: Pour gently into affected eye or eye.
Minor burns and scalds: If possible immerse the affected area in the solution for 10 minutes. Otherwise run cold water over the area for 10 minutes and then spray liberally. Allow to dry naturally.
Hard and soft surface sanitation: Spray onto affected area for immediate sanitation.
Can be applied to dressings if require

Use RenaSan to clean and flush wounds as well as to kill pathogens associated with conditions such as Mud Fever, Ringworm and Thrush. RenaSan promotes faster healing and hair re-growth.

Directions for sanitising

Highly effective to sanitise tack, kennels, bowls and other equipment. Please avoid using on non stainless steel metals.

Controls odours caused by bacteria, so perfect for sanitising blankets, dog beds for example or even the animals themselves.

Supporters of RenaSan include: -

“ We're very happy with Renasan®. We've shown that hypochlorous acid shows rapid, effective and broad-spectrum antimicrobial in vitro, even against antimicrobial resistant organisms.  There is no residual activity so it needs to be used at least once daily in the face of infection, although it could be used less often to regulate microbial populations and prevent infection in vulnerable animals. Hypochlorous acid is very tissue safe and we've used it frequently in a range of tissues and sites including open wounds, conjunctiva, oral cavity, lip and body folds, ears, and the urethra and bladder. Renasan® meets EU requirements for efficacy, safety and stability, which is important when deciding between biocides.”

Dr Tim Nuttall

Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Dermatology - RCVS Specialist in Veterinary Dermatology- Head of Dermatology

RenaSan Validation

Before taking RenaSan First Aid Spray to market we validated our product through many independent institutions and universities and it has been field tested in conjunction with the NHS, leading private healthcare groups, the Royal Veterinary College, University of Kentucky Dept of Veterinary Science and many others.

RenaSan Quality control

We manufacture RenaSan in our own facility. We are therefore able to carefully monitor the quality of our products at all times.

We are already keeping you safe

We have an enviable reputation and we have many blue chip customers around the world including hospitals (infection control), agriculture groups, supermarket groups, food processors, veterinary clinics etc. who use our hypochlorous technology in their fight against pathogens. Though you wont know it our hypochlorous products already keep you and your family safe through infection control in hospitals, care homes, schools and nurseries. We keep you safe through the sanitation of the ready to eat produce, salads and herbs you buy in the supermarkets and through delivering high standards of welfare and biosecurity for farm livestock such as poultry and dairy cows.

Proudly display RenaSan posters within practice, download available.

Pets and their owners will be grateful for access to RenaSan First Aid Sprays

CliniTech Medical recently learnt about RenaSan, a new First Aid Spray powered by a natural active ingredient called; 'Hypochlorous'.  Having seen fantastic user feed-back, it’s safety record and EU approvals, it didn’t take long for the CliniTech team to establish that this quite remarkable solution should be available to the wider Veterinary market and its client base.

Having RenaSan available front of house with a generous margin available, it has the ability to promote highly effective wound care, disinfection of post-surgical sites and general disinfection of skin and go on to increase the health and wellbeing of animal patients. RenaSan has already become a sales success to the wider market via the likes of Pets Corner Stores and now available for sales within Vet practices.

So what is Hypochlorous? Hypochlorous is produced naturally in animal and human immune systems. It is the substance that the cells in our bodies use to fight infections and kill invading germs. Hypochlorous is not only one of the most effective known biocides capable of killing 99.9999% of all pathogens, it is one of the safest and poses no risk to animals or humans, indeed it can be used to kill bacteria in drinking water. It is also readily biodegradable and completely environmentally friendly.

Christopher Docking, MD of CiniTech said: “RenaSan and its advanced use of stable and EU approved Hypochlorous, could really make a difference to post operable infection and when used correctly should be a vital tool to help reduce treatment time and the use of antibiotics, therefore reducing financial burden. The Vet retail pack and poster on offer will be a great way to encourage infection prevention.

"It’s safe if licked, which is not common and can safely be used in eyes and ears. It is currently the only EU Biocidal approved Hypochlorous product on sale today. Furthermore non-irritating, pH neutral and non-sting. Contains no steroids, alcohol or preservatives. RenaSan has been tested to 12 BSEN standards including BSEN – 1276 Bactericidal, BSEN – Virucidal, BSEN Sporicidal, BSEN Fungicidal.”

To learn more about RenaSan get in touch with CliniTech Medical - Veterinary distributor of RenaSan.