Purehold Hygiene Handle - automatically dispenses sanitising gel into the hands of busy Vets and Nurses.

High frequency touch points including door handles within busy Veterinary environments are a potential transit of bacteria and are rarely cleaned often enough in most cases. Combine the need for cleaner door entry panels and hands with the need to use hand gels for good hand hygiene practices, the Purehold system for busy Veterinary practises and 

specialist referral facilities is ideal for helping to reduce the chances of cross contamination, increasing hand hygiene compliance and will enable a healthier environment for animal patients and staff. Independent tests prove the Hygiene Handle to be 98.5% cleaner than a standard door handle and within human healthcare it has been surveyed that 80% of infections are caused by hand cross contamination. With the need to reduce any post operable infection rates and to ultimately avoid Veterinary MRSA and MRSP infections the PureHold systems will raise the bar for infection prevention for any size Veterinary practice

Standalone wall mounted gel systems for staff and waiting customers, plus push door systems are also available to complete a site package.

The innovative, antibacterial door handle cover!

A virus on a single door handle can spread throughout a building in just a few hours!
These are the findings of a study by microbiologist Charles Gerba from University of Arizona. This highlights why it’s more important than ever to take proactive steps to reduce the risk of
cross-contamination from touch points.
Introducing an innovative, self- cleaning door handle cover. Easily installed onto pull door handles, it simply “snaps” into place. The handle kills 99.9% of bacteria* using silver ion technology to combat pathogens deposited onto the
surface by users and then works continuously, 24/7.
This prevents cross-contamination between one user
and another - protecting users and reducing the
spread of infections.

  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria* using silver ion technology.
  • Can be fitted in less than 30 seconds to any pull door and requires no tools or      experience.
  • The action lasts for 6 months, with visual indicator to inform staff of when to change.Extremely robust and sturdy.
  • Available in Ice Blue.
  • Will fit any cylindrical pull door handle with a diameter of 19mm, 20mm or 22mm

(these are the 3 most common in the UK)

* Independently tested to ISO 22196.

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